Sweater weather

It’s cold! The temperature finally dropped here where I live. And guess what? I don’t hate it. It’s kind of refreshing (haha, accidental joke) actually to start the new year like this. Somehow, it feels like a blank page. It gives me the opportunity to reflect upon life and what I want from it.
Okay, that’s heavy.
On a lighter note: cold weather can be a lot of fun, and I don’t mean like ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’
I mean, now you can enjoy, guilt free (!), all those typical lazy things to do when it’s freezing outside. Like watching movies all night, while eating a lot of, while wearing a onesie, while laying under a bunch of blankets,… (feel free to add another layer). It’s not like you can go outside! It’s freezing!

Now tell me, what do you like about cold weather?

 January 21st, 2016  
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On Christmas


Hi, welcome to Miss Illustrate!

This is my first post ever! I’m so excited that I’m now able to share my illustrations and thoughts with you.

And as Christmas is coming closer, what better to talk about than my favorite subject nowadays?

I’m reeeeaaally into Christmas this year (even more than normal). Let’s take a look at the evidence:

  • I bought my first (since living on my own) Christmas tree
  •  I DIY’ed an advent calendar
  •  and DIY’ed a Christmas-garland saying HO-HO-HO (I’m spending too much time on pinterest)
  • I decorated a gingerbread house and covered it with a coat of (sugar)snow
  • I tried making some Christmas cards (buying them is easier..)
  • and a Chrismas mixed tape (which actually turned out to be a mixed flash drive)
  • I watched almost every Christmassy movie on netflix
  • I already bought and packed my presents, which is unusual for me as I do everything the very last minute of the very last day (last year I bought all my presents on Christmas eve)
  • I made this drawing with a festive twist (you can see above)
  • (Oh yeah, I  used the word “Christmas” about ten times in this post)

The thing is, I’m kind of experiencing this pressure to enjoy this Christmas to the fullest. You know, like the fear of missing out… (do people actually still say FOMO?) Probably because once the holidays are over, the magic’s gone and only cold winter is left..

Tell me, what are you doing to make the most out of these festive times?

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 December 22nd, 2015  
 Miss Illustrate  
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